Brought up in an environment where there were conflicts, one of her earliest skills was her ability to observe and sense moods, and connecting it to behaviour and body language. As a counsellor, that childhood experience has become one of her key strengths

Anna uses a non-judgemental, open and intuitive approach with her clients. Her keen sense of observation, coupled with the cultural sensitivity that comes with her extensive travel, helps her get a sense of people and their social context at an intrinsic level. Her ability to accept and enable the client to talk openly, leads to a unique connection with her clients, where they feel safe talking about their vulnerabilities and fears.. Her rapport with her clients plays a huge role in their progress in therapy, Anna has an almost equal representation of male and female clients, which is a testimony to her approach that is a blend of traditional, contemporary, liberal, pragmatic and sometimes radical!

Anna works with a segment of clients who are well known personalities, celebrities and have high visibility.

Anna is able to understand and relate to their personal and social context and appreciate the criticality and need for protecting their identity. She is able to recognise assess and understand their context and lifestyle, and at the same time, be able to connect to them as human beings, and provide them support that is tailored so that it works for them.

She enjoys working with people who have existential questions.