Individual Counseling Services
Individual Counseling Sessions


Anna provides therapeutic counselling to individuals in one-on-one and group settings. Counselling is a space where an individual works with a trained counsellor to resolve emotional or behavioral issues that may be of concern to them. Counselling could be beneficial:

  • For individuals who want to explore issues,feelings or themselves to problem solve,manage conflict.
  • For families to need to explore the family culture and its impact on individuals.
  • For individuals who feel they are going through mid life crisis.
  • For Individuals who want to link their mind, body, spirit.

“All Emotional and Behavioral Issues Are Now in Your Fist”

Anna Chandy, a pioneer name of Transactional Analysis Practitioner famous for providing counseling, coaching, training and supervision services. She has delivered Individual Counseling Services to build ability in an individual to explore their life issues and come out with an appropriate solution.

Anna conducts therapeutic counseling services for individual and group of people. Individual Counseling Sessions is carried out for the 40-50 minutes in which counselor feel you comfortable to freely discuss the problem.

Individual Counseling Sessions is the best bet when:

• You have a sole general idea to work on towards the excellence
• You are going to make some changes in your life and way of achieving life’s objective
• You reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in the mid of sessions
• Counselee feels relaxed and comfortable by trusting on the counselor.

“A Space To Gain Insight Into All Life Problems”

Counselee founds that sessions are enough to meet the needs of the problems. The sessions offer you a space to gain insight into entire life problems and struggles, develop better understanding power along with effective skills to manage the stress and problems to enrich the quality of life. As per Anna views, there are so many issues, changes and problems occurred in our life that compel and individual to join our Individual Counseling Services. There are some reasons that compel students for joining the counseling services:

• Anxiety
• Stress management
• Depressed mood
• Family issues
• Unable to reach optimal performance in academics, sports, or other pursuits
• Career/academic concerns
• Friendship/relationship problems
• Self-understanding
• Alcohol or drug concerns
• Identity exploration for example race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and etc.
• Eating or body image concerns

How could be Individual Counseling Services beneficial for you?

Anna uses contemporary and non-judgmental approaches to expand your personal frame in understanding life issues and challenges.

• It is beneficial for all individuals who seeking to explore life issues, feelings or themselves to solve the crises and manage variances.
• The services quite effective for families to explore the culture of family and its collisions on every individual.
• It provides the right path to all those people who think that they are going through the lots of mid-life crisis.
• Wonderful approach to link the body, mind, spirit and etc.

Counselling in Hindi available by counselors associated with Anna Chandy