Anna Chandy is conducting a Transactional Analysis 101 (TA 101) Workshop Developed by Dr. Eric Berne MD in the 1950s, Transactional Analysis is an Internationally accredited course for promoting effective and harmonious living. The course is experiential, interactive and non-invasive, maintaining each individual's uniqueness.

Participating in the TA 101 Workshop helps in:
  • Gaining insights About Self, Others and the Environment.
  • Enabling and promoting effective communication, and,
  • Providing the basic foundation for the advanced transactional analysis program.
Anna conducts advanced training groups for individuals who are feeling the need to explore themselves and embark with awareness, on their own journey of self actualisation. The advanced program also provides training towards a Certification in Transactional Analysis.

The methodology used, is a combination of unconventional, traditional and contemporary approaches, with cultural sensitivity, which Anna believes is necessary in the current scenario.

For further details please call 98455 96277 .