Sudha Thimmaiah

I am a certified Transactional Analyst in the field of Counseling, having worked with Individual/ client systems in the last twenty years.

I bring to my work Core competencies of International Transactional Analysis Association, using therapeutic interventions of exploring, teaching psycho education models for Clarification , and self reflection for behavioral outcomes for the management of diverse range of problems and personal development.

I am deeply passionate of the Image or Patterns of thinking that is held in the minds of my client inherited from a collective experience of their ancestors, and its lasting psychological connectedness so deeply embedded. Working with The Ancestral Parent/Parent and Child Relationship and bringing awareness to a novel experience of Adult/Adult Relating becomes the focus of my work.


The Frame of Reference I work within is an inclusive eclectic approach:

Establishing and building a trusting contact with client/client systems to facilitate a working relationship by demonstrating empathy and professional help and potential solutions, keeping in mind Cultural Frame of Reference of my clients /client systems how it impacts relationships in professional work settings.

The initiative to recognize and be respectful to cultural diverse backgrounds for understanding client’s realities which allows me to create culturally sensitive interventions and solutions of Ancient Indian Practice like Yoga, Meditation etc. The ability to educate myself by self reflection/attending workshops/supervision of working through my own stereotyped views, belief systems enables me to work effectively.

The ability to prioritize needs/wants of my client under confidentiality guidelines to enable them to seek clarification and thereby feel empowered to make behavioral choices towards problem management and personal growth.

Therefore, the focus of my work is to facilitate a shared space for understanding the client’s world views, belief systems and means of problem solving.


  • Private Practice: 2008 - Extensive counseling experience encompassing a wide range of issues including depression, trauma, anger management, grief counseling, professional development
  • Advisory Board Member for Women and safety for an NGO – B-Safe an ancillary of B-Pac (Bangalore Political Action Committee) that works in tandem with State Government.
  • Invitrogen Life Technologies and Thermofischer Scientific Inc-Consultant, Training on Sexual Harassment Policy and Cultural Impact-2010
  • Consultant for First Source Solutions - Provided individual counseling support, Mediator between Management and Team Competence Issues, Conducted workshops on Gender Diversity, Positive Psychology, Time management etc, External Member of Anti Sexual Harassment Board -2006-2011
  • Presented a Paper at a National Level on “Providing Vocational Training as an empowering means for Street Children”
  • Worked for “MakkalaSahayaVani-Online Child Helpline-2002
  • Worked for Vishwas-NGO in Mental Health-1996-2004


  • Certified Transactional Analyst in Counseling - 2009
  • Diploma in Counseling –United Theological College - 2003
  • Bachelors Degree in Science - Bangalore University
  • Schooling: Bishop Cottons Girls School - 1971
  • Schooling: Bishop Cottons Girls School - 1971