Roneeta Mukherjee

I am a trained and practicing counsellor for the last 5 years. My journey in this field started six years ago with my association with an NGO, which operates in the area of mental health and provides free and confidential counselling services to people in emotional crisis. What started as an interest and an exploration has over the years developed into a passion and mainstream vocation for me. Before becoming a full time professional in the field of mental health, I worked as a human resource professional for 15 years of my life in the organisational corporate world of business.

Currently, I am a Transactional Analysis practitioner in Training towards Certification. As a counselor I prove a space safe for thinking and reflection and co create an environment of change and responsibility. My personal belief is that every human has the potency to create his/her own space of happiness and contentment in life and that can be attained through unblocking of energies from our script fears.