Maneesha Chawla

Maneesha is currently working towards becoming an International Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA), in the field of Counseling and has been training with Anna for the last 5 years.

As an Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK), Maneesha both understands and has experienced the nuances that can make a transition turbulent when bridging cultures, as well as the causes behind this. As her training continued she began taking on clients, under Anna's supervision. This was further boosted by an intensive Coaching module in Oxford in 2015. Since then Maneesha has taken on clients in India, Singapore and Malaysia and continues to broaden the spectrum of clients she works with as well as the vast range of needs that they bring to the table.

Maneesha has worked as the Indian editor of a global real estate publication, in HR for both NGO's and one of the Big 4 and with an IT company based in the UK as well as her own startup for Women's based project work in India. Maneesha's work experience reflects her global experience. She has lived, studied and worked in Germany, America, India, Canada, the UK and Malaysia, where she currently resides. Her degree in Sociology led to a Masters in Human Resource Management. It wasn't until she did a course as a First Aid Trainer that she realized her calling and aligned her learning towards becoming a counselor.

A lifelong learner and explorer she has been known to take classes and courses to supplement her work and passion for continuous learning and creativity. Some of her recent sources of inspiration have been Reiki 1&2, The Science of Happiness at the University of Berkley, Self-Awareness: Power of Being in KL, a nutrition and wellness class, an intensive cake decorating workshop and a doll making class.