About Anna

Anna is the first Supervising and Training Transactional Analyst Practitioner from India accredited to International Transactional Analysis Association with a specialisation in Counselling. She is also certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Art Therapy.

Anna is passionate about her work in counselling, coaching, training and supervision. She has more than 20 years of experience. She travels every year to learn, train and increase her skills and knowledge to benefit her clients. Anna has travelled the globe in her quest for learning and has had meaningful learning and training experiences in the Netherlands, India, Oxford and USA.

Anna is an explorer whose quest for learning drives her to constantly look for new experiences. She is on a continuous journey of self-discovery, learning, reflection, assimilation and application

Having played multiple roles over the years, Anna is able to connect to various situations and roles, intuitively. She has a varied, diverse and well-travelled clientele. One of her key motivators is the sheer joy of self-discovery she looks for and experiences while working with every one of her clients.

Being widely travelled, Anna uses a contemporary approach. Constantly challenging her own beliefs and expanding her frame of reference, Anna often has an unconventional approach.

Maintaining a high ethical standard, Anna continues to take professional supervision to ensure that she is effective and continues to work on her personal as well as professional development.

Anna's USP

  • Clients experience Anna as authentic, compassionate, insightful and effective.
  • Anna's extensive travel across the world has given her experiences and insights and a cultural sensitivity that enables her to understand her client's social structure and connect with the same.
  • She uses psycho education as a part of her therapy to enable her clients to understand their behaviours and thought patterns.
  • Anna beautifully converts abstract, seemingly complex issues, theories and concepts into simple, concrete and actionable elements, using metaphors.

Anna's Vision

Anna has a vision of making the mental health space in India more connected, relevant and visible.

  • Bring together the various stakeholders in this space to create a more connected mental health community
  • Create some governance/standards in this space.
  • Have more skilled resources available.
  • Provide quality training and supervision for mental health professionals.
  • Make counselling a sustainable and economically viable profession in India.

Anna's Philosophy

  • Anna's philosophy is that all individuals have vast amounts of knowledge, abilities and resources within them to think, feel and experience empowerment. Her role is to facilitate and enable individuals to steer their own journey which has meaning and purpose with vitality, vision and freshness.
  • Healing and empowerment can happen through the sheer power of the therapeutic relationship.
  • Life is dynamic and human beings are evolving and developing continuously. Increasing an individual’s curiosity about self leads to new self-discovery, expanding their frame of reference, and a new aspect of their personality emerges. This is a continuous cycle.
  • Human beings are meaning making animals and have the need to make meaning to their experiences.
Anna's Goal
As a TA Practitioner in diverse roles,
  • To use Transactional Analysis a versatile Social Psychology in various domains to benefit the individual and organisations.
  • To provide Coaching to individuals in organisations to enhance leadership skills, minimise conflict, develop effective communication skills.
  • To provide counselling giving hope and to enabe clients to contain their experience and problem solve contextually.
  • To Train and to enable Adult learners use TA as map to understand, recognise and gain insight in Human behaviour.
  • As a Transactional Analyst Supervisor to build quality, provide value and create contemporary TA Practitioners with global vision and cultural sensitivity.