Transactional Analysis Training
Transactional Analysis Training

Welcome to Annachandy


Anna Chandy is the first TSTA from India accredited to the International Transactional Analysis Association with a specialization in Counselling. She is also certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Art Therapy.


  • Aradhana Lal

    VP Sustainblity Initiatives and National Coach Sales,Lemon Tree Hotels

    When I think about what Anna has brought to my life as a counsellor, as a trainer and as a guide...the answer is easy. Anna has taught me strength, faith and love - in myself and of myself.

  • Maneesha Sarin Chawla

    New Delhi

    I have known Anna for over 7 years now. Met her as a counsellor and she has played multiple roles i.e. coach, TA supervisor and consultant. Her contemporary approach to TA supervision, counselling and coaching have supported me in reflecting and gaining different perspective, both professionally & personally.

Work Shops

A two day experiential Workshop that gives a brief overview of Transactional Analysis to steer your own life.

TA 101- Delhi Session
June 10th - 11th @ Delhi

More Info on Workshop. Contact on 91 98455 96277 to Register